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Kipling's Bundi

Hotel Haveli Braj Bhushanjee invites you to explore the rich heritage and culture of BUNDI . Your every moment will  be caught and held in its history. Bundi is a dream remembered.  Nestling  at  the footsteps of a large craggy  hill,  Bundi, named after Bunda Meena ,was established by Rao Deva in 1241 A.D. The large dominating complex of  fort and palaces, hugging the steep hillside, is mainly made of two- Garh-Palace and Taragarh-Fort.


The  vast  and confusing creamy stone and stucco buildings climb  up the burnt rocky hillside_ "an avalanche  of masonry ready to rush down and block the gorge " as Kipling wrote-a stern substructure began in the 13th century and then flowering into series of palaces, with a fretted skyline of cupola, loggias and canopies.   The grim battlemented walls march out to encircle not only the town but the surrounding hills, and end at the impregnable  Taragarh  fort on the top which provided a final  refuge.

Highway road from Kota,  Ajmer, Jaipur and Udaipur no longer runs  through the crowded center of the town. Instead  it gives  you a series of spectacular panoramas  around, then across the town up to the fortress, and finally the classic view of the fortress-palace rising above its lake. The view over the town makes a remarkable cubist picture, with intense blue-whites and gray-whites small houses  broken only by sad-colored  stucco of mysterious larger structures. 

There are no intrusive modern  buildings, so  nothing competes with the great palace complex on the hillside which watches over the town.  

James Tod wrote about Bundi in his celebrated Annals  and Antiquities of Rajasthan (1829) "The coup d'oeil of the castellated palace of Bundi, from which ever side  you approach it, is perhaps  the  most  striking in India".  Bundi is, in a sense, a palace - town and as befits a center famous for its paintings in 17th and 18th  centuries, the town still gives the feeling of having been the  seat of  a court.

It is sufficient not to mention more about this town  except to quote what James Tod has  written(1920) : "It is an aggregate of palaces, each having the name of its  founder; and  yet  the whole so well harmonises; and  the character of the architecture is so uniform, that  its breaks or fantasies appear only to rise from the peculiarity of the position, and serve to diversify its beauty..... Whoever has seen the palace of  Bundi, can easily picture to himself the hanging gardens of  Semiramis."

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