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Bundi - Places to Visit

Hotel Haveli Braj Bhushanjee invites you to explore the rich heritage and culture of Bundi. Every moment of yours will be caught and held in its history. Bundi is a dream remembered. Nestling at the footsteps of a large craggy hill, Bundi; named after Bunda Meena, was established by Rao Deva in 1241 A.D. The large dominating complex of fort and palaces, hugging the steep hillside, is mainly made of two-Garh-Palace and Taragarh-Fort.

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A beautiful pavilion and gallery of fascinating murals in the miniature style.

The walls are adorned with elaborate painting depicting scenes from the Ragmala and Raslila, the Radha-Krishna legends. The colour scheme of all these paintings is blue, green, turquoise on white with touches of terracotta or yellow. Bundi Wall paintings are famous all over the world.

Chatramahal, Ratan Daulat & Badal Mahal

These palaces are part of Garh Palace. The main attraction is rooms and galleries full of murals of Bundi Miniature Paintings.

The colour schemes of these paintings are red, golden and blue. Although these palaces are private property of the Maharaja (King), but at present open for visitors by paying some entrance fee.

Rani ji ki Baori

Outside the city walls is a fine specimen of a step-well. It has a high arched gate, ornate with excellent carving on its pillars.

The intricate murals on the Pillars, Torans and Gates are wonderful. The major attractions of this Baori are beautiful carved panels of Dasha Avtar (Ten Incarnations) of Lord Vishnu-Varah, Kurma, Mastya, Vaman, Narsingh, Pershuram, Rama, Krishna, Buddha and Kalki.

Sukh Mahal (Palace of Bliss)

This summer palace where Rudyard Kipling stayed when he visited Bundi in late 19th Century.

This magnificent summer palace was constructed during the reign of Rao Raja Vishnu Singh. It is said that an underground tunnel runs from Sukh Mahal to Taragarh Fort.

Kshar Bagh & Shikar Burj

Near the Shikar Burj is an ancient well maintained garden, where cenotaphs of royal family of Bundi, stand in all their architectural splendor.

Also known as Hunting Lodge, It was royal hunting lodge. Nestled in the woods amidst lush greenery, it is a beautiful picnic spot.

Eighty Four Pillared Cenotaph

This remarkably well constructed memorial was erected by Rao Raja Anirudh Singh in memory of his foster brother.

This single cenotaph has 84 pillars with a Shiva Lingam. No doubt this cenotaph is unique and wonderful.

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